Further Information

Details for hiring our meeting rooms

What you get

We know it’s annoying to have to think of everything, and then book it and pay extra for it all, even the pens. With us, basic meeting supplies can usually be included in you room use at no extra charge (flipchart/pad, projector/tv). Make sure you let us know so we can check availability.


You can use the café between 8.30 and 3.00, pre-order or order as you go.

Refreshments can also be provided in the room, from make it yourself tea and coffee through to a full buffet. We offer ethically sourced (and pretty damn good) speciality coffee, and where we can we aim to use products that are ethical/fair trade and taste good. If you really want instant coffee, we can even do that, but come on, life has trials of its own, why make things worse.

Special Events

We can help you organise larger events, working with our partners at Chelmund’s Chippy, Northern Star Arts, Olive Branch Kitchen and Black Train Music, we can cater for fish and chip suppers, quiz nights, buffets, afternoon teas, food/drink tasting events and musical events. If you’ve got another idea, let us know, we might be able to help you make it happen.

Our main partners are all social enterprises and are of a high standard in terms of quality of service and ethical approach. We also operate on a human scale believing that small is beautiful. Most of our activities and events are for between 6 and 120 people.

Information for Private Hire

Sorry, but we don’t normally hire our rooms out for private parties due our licensing (and other) restrictions. We recommend some of the local clubs (such as The Onward Club, the Banbury or the Family Tree) for family parties, wakes, etc.


Room hire prices range from £25/session (Tree Room) to £45/session (Hall).
A session is approx. 3-4 hours and is either a morning, afternoon or evening.

Refreshments costs vary, you can download the detailed list here, but range from £1/cup to £2.50.

If you‘d like extras, these would range from £0.50 pp for something like ginger nuts, to £2.00 pp for the full-on pastries and fruit.

Buffets range from £3.50 - £6.00 pp (although if you want something fancy we can do that too).