Check our what’s on and who is here to see the full list of what happens, but we have some permanent residents at Three Trees. These are all beautiful people who bring a lot to our life here and we often work together as we have discovered that 1 + 1 = 3 when it comes to community action. Here they are in alphabetical order!
CWBC developed the church building into its current form. Recognising the need for a community for all people, without the assumptions you often get with churches and community centres, Three Trees was evolved (yes, they even do evolution!). The church has a good pedigree of community action and involvement and are delighted to still be part of the life within the centre, bringing a spiritual stream to life here for anyone, whether they are part of the church or not.

Music is a great way of bringing people together. Black Train Music CIC provides the community with music workshops, sessions and live music events (smaller weekly events and larger live music performances) throughout the year with an ethos of bringing the wider community together to share music with the wider view of it improving wellbeing.

We are proud to be the home of Entraide, Solihull’s first (and only) refugee and asylum seeker project. Founded by a local resident, Entraide provide support across the borough and into Birmingham to refugees and asylum seekers, helping them to rebuild their lives and fully integrate into society. They run homework clubs, do casework, befriending and leisure activities and also provide training (particularly around UASC). We think they’re great.

We are a not for profit social enterprise focused on improving life opportunities, well-being and community cohesion in the most socially and economically disadvantaged communities within the West Midlands and particularly within North Solihull. Our projects improve people’s capacity and well-being enabling them to take an active role in the community, volunteering, learning transferable skills and reducing isolation by bringing people together through positive outdoor activities and creativity.

Another home-grown charity delivering fun, hilarity and the arts. In boring speak they are an arts based community development agency. It looks like they just mess about but amidst the fun times they bring the community together, provide support to isolated people, care to people who need it, training and advice to help people live better, healthier lives and generally make the world a better place.

We provide a wide range of Disability & Inclusion sporting activities that we tailor to the developmental needs of each of our participants. Our measured approach ensures we maximize the development of our participants.