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We are currently working on a project that brings together Mind, Body and Spirit. But not in a wafty, incense, barefooted, linen trousered kind of way. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it's just that is already happening elsewhere. We want a way that is rooted in our urban situation and makes us stronger physically, spiritually and mentally. It is a kind of life coaching that will involve physical and mental challenge, and appeal to people who want to get stronger but may not want to use the usual routes or wear lycra.


We're looking at a way to make it easy to do this kind of stuff and fit it around your everyday routine to make wellbeing a natural and easy part of life.


Due to our highly suspicious nature, we can't say too much, but watch out for something legendary to commence late summer/early autumn 2017.


We're also looking at a short, lunchtime version as well, so you'll be able to drop in for a half hour session in the middle of your day.



If you're interested, either in taking part or helping us plan it, contact us.

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