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Community Gardens

We love nature! Surrounding Three Trees are 5 garden areas, created with the help of a lot of local volunteers, Team NEC, Gro-Organic (a local social enterprise) and supported by some generous funders. The gardens are open to the community, bringing some space, quiet and beauty into our area. During the occasional moments of summer we have, you will find some of our groups out there, or local people just wanting a bit of a sit down.





Three Trees

Hedingham Grove, Chelmund's Cross

Chelmsley Wood, B37 7TP

0121 582 0767

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The gardens are:


Liche Gate: Passing through what we hope will be wildflowers (if it works!) you will come to the round Liche Gate which leads you into the general garden.

Work Garden: This is home to some raised beds, a polytunnel and an earth oven. It's the place for garden and other outdoor projects, as well as home to our kitchen garden.

Quiet Garden: this garden is for sitting quietly and we are working with the stonecarving group to put some art in and amongst the native hedgerow we have recently planted. You can take a seat on the circular stone bench under the apple tree, or sit on the decking and enjoy the sunshine (maybe).

Wildlife Area: We've given nature her own corner to do what she wants with, complete with pond and rumours are that a frog was seen once.

Sensory Garden: created for us by by Team NEC, a scented and colourful area. We also have the Tree of Aspiration, created by the same local artist who created the Liche Gate. (Sadly, Keith passed away in 2015 and we are proud to have these pieces of work by him).


If you enjoy gardening or growing, please let us know as we are always looking for help out here, and we can pay you in lunches!