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You may have noticed that some people haven't got much good to say about our area. We think they're wrong and Chelmsley Wood is a good place to be. We are proud to be part of Chelmund's Cross, a new name for a new chapter in the area's life. Whilst there have been issues around the local regeneration program we think that the idea to grow focal points and improve facilities is a good one. Three Trees has shown how the community can be a part of the process and have a say in what happens locally. Through the work of the community we have been able to develop the Centre and ensure that the community is a part of the fabric of the area, not just recipients of regeneration, but contributors. Anyway, before it gets political, back to the plot.....


We support a number of projects that celebrate what is good about the people and the place, and one of these is Chelmund's Day. This annual event builds on the legend of Chelmund, the ancient settler who gave his name to the area 10 centuries ago. Click on the picture to find out more about Chelmund and there are other heritage websites listed below.

from then 'til now - heritage website

Celebrating our area



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Did you know the ancient name for the area is Chelemundsheia, which means 'the field of Chelemund'





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