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Chelmund's Cross

Chelmund's Cross is a new village hub built on what was a very run down and underused cul de sac. Created as part of the regeneration program, all the existing buildings (except Three Trees) were demolished and new ones built. We now have new neighbours of a fantastic school, brilliant business offices and an amazing medical centre. In the pipeline are some new shops and a home for people with dementia. If you've been away for a few years and came back you won't recognise the place.


The regeneration program has been undertaken by a partnership between Solihull Council and developers to rejuvenate the area and bring more opportunity and housing. Whilst controversial at times, Chelmund's Cross has made a huge difference locally. Although not part of the regeneration program, Three Trees are proud to be a part of this new focal point for our community that has emerged. We have worked ensure that the community forms part of this new area and are able to contribute and drive some of the activity here.


You can find out more about the North Solihull Partnership by clicking on their logo.


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Three Trees

Hedingham Grove, Chelmund's Cross

Chelmsley Wood, B37 7TP

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Medical Centre, now finished. The Co-Op have just opened a store and a Funeral Office. Currently under construction is a residential home.